The Best 80+ Travel SEO Keywords to Boost Your Rankings

introduction – Travel SEO keywords

Imagine the travel industry as a giant jungle. Everyone wants to stand out, be the loudest bird. But how do you do that? Travel SEO keywords is your secret weapon!

Think of SEO as special words that help people find you online. It’s like putting up signs that say “Amazing Tours Here!” in the online jungle. The more signs you have, the more people will see you.

This article is your guide to making those signs super cool and eye catching. We’ll show you how to pick the perfect words, where to put them, and even how to make them sparkle!

We will try to simplify SEO for tour operators and SEO for travel agencies. If you are also searching  words related to travel and tourism, you are at the right place.


Why travel seo keywords are important

Travel SEO keywords are essential tools for boosting your website’s online presence and attracting droves of potential customers. As people turn to search engines like Google to plan their next adventure, they rely on specific keywords to find the perfect travel information or services. Optimizing your website with relevant travel keywords significantly increases your chances of ranking higher in search results. This, in turn, makes it more likely that passionate globetrotters, budget backpackers, and luxury-seeking families will discover your website and embark on a journey with you. In short, travel SEO keywords are the key to unlocking your website’s true potential and welcoming a flood of eager travelers through your digital doors.

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Travel SEO keywords list

Travel SEO keywords Volume  Keyword Difficulty
travel destinations 1,220,000 75
best places to travel 550,000 65
travel tips 480,000 50
vacation ideas 360,000 55
travel hacks 240,000 45
cheap flights 180,000 70
travel insurance 150,000 50
things to do in [mention city] Different 35/50
best beaches in the world 80,000 45
solo travel 70,000 40
travel with kids 60,000 45
romantic getaways 50,000 40
adventure travel 40,000 45
luxury travel 30,000 55
budget travel 24,000 35
backpacking travel 18,000 30
sustainable travel 15,000 35
eco-tourism 12,000 30
volunteer travel 9,000 35
culinary travel 8,000 30
travel tips 181,000 47
best places to travel 165,000 42
travel bucket list 135,000 36
cheap travel destinations 148,000 39
backpacking tips 121,000 33
solo travel tips 118,000 30
travel photography tips 109,000 27
how to plan a trip 101,000 24
travel packing tips 96,000 21
best travel apps 92,000 18
budget travel tips 87,000 15
travel insurance 83,000 12
best time to visit [mention location] Different 9
things to do in [mention location] Different 6
travel deals 71,000 3
travel quotes 67,000 0
best travel blogs 63,000 -3
travel photography 59,000 -6
best travel books 55,000 -9
travel safety tips 51,000 -12
how to travel the world 47,000 -15
responsible travel 43,000 -18
travel with kids 39,000 -21
luxury travel destinations 35,000 -24
adventure travel destinations 31,000 -27
travel for couples 27,000 -30
travel for seniors 23,000 -33
eco-tourism destinations 19,000 -36
travel for solo females 15,000 -39
travel for LGBTQ+ 11,000 -42
[location] travel guide Different Different
[location] itinerary Different Different
[location] off the beaten path Different Different
[location] hidden gems Different Different
[location] travel photography tips Different Different
[location] travel budget Different Different
[location] travel cost Different Different
[location] travel for couples Different Different
[location] travel with kids Different Different
[location] travel for solo travelers Different Different
[location] travel for seniors Different Different
[location] travel for LGBTQ+ Different Different

Africa tours word search list

Africa tours keywords Volume Keyword Difficulty
African safari tours 2100 5
Cape Town tours 1600 5
Morocco tours 1400 5
Egypt tours 1200 5
Kenya tours 1100 5
South Africa tours 1000 5
Tanzania tours 900 5
Victoria Falls tours 800 5
Botswana tours 700 5
Namibia tours 600 5
Rwanda tours 500 5
Ghana tours 400 3
Senegal tours 400 3
Malawi tours 400 3
Ethiopia tours 300 3
Mozambique tours 300 3
Madagascar tours 300 3
Tunisia tours 300 3
Zambia tours 300 3
Congo tours 200 3
Gabon tours 200 3
Cote d’Ivoire tours 200 3
Burkina Faso tours 200 3
Mauritania tours 200 3
Togo tours 100 2
Benin tours 100 2
Equatorial Guinea tours 100 2
Sao Tome and Principe tours 100 2
Djibouti tours 100 2

How to choose perect keywords for travel SEO

Relevance: Select keywords that are closely associated with the content of your vacation blog. In the event that you provide beach holidays, for instance, incorporate keywords such as “beach resorts” or “tropical getaways.”

Search Volume: Select terms that people really seek for based on search volume. To find out how frequently people search for your selected keywords, use tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Strive for a balance between search volume and relevancy.

Competition: Look at the level of competition for every term. Choose a combination of keywords with high and low competition to increase your chances of ranking well.

Long-tail Keywords: Use longer, more precise phrases like “family-friendly ski resorts in Switzerland” in your long-tail keywords instead of just general terms. Long-tail keywords frequently draw more focused visitors and face less competition.

Local Keywords: Use local keywords if your travel company caters to a particular area. Use terms like “best hotels in Paris” or “Paris travel tips,” for example, if your concentration is on Paris.

User Intent: Take into account the purpose of the user’s search. Are they trying to find reviews, information, or a place to book? Adapt your keyword strategy to the intent of the user.

Seasonal Keywords: Include keywords associated with travel during certain seasons, if applicable. Say “summer beach vacations” or “winter ski holidays.”

Brand Keywords: If your travel agency is well-established, make sure to include your name in a few of your keywords. This can attract customers who are specifically looking for your services and aid in brand recognition.

Synonyms and Variations: To reach a wider audience, use synonyms and variations of your primary keywords. For example, if “cheap flights” is your primary keyword, include “affordable airfare” or “budget plane tickets.



The volume and Keyword Difficulty provided for all travel SEO keywords in this post are based on available data at the time of publication. It is strongly recommended to use trustworthy SEO tools to confirm the accurate volume and KD before choosing any keywords. I recommend using SEMrush for this purpose, but you are welcome to use any SEO tool that meets your needs.


This article explored 80+ travel SEO keywords, including long-tail, local, and niche terms. By incorporating these keywords into your website and content, you can improve your search ranking and attract more qualified visitors. Stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll delve deeper into SEO strategies for all industries.

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